“Kiss A Fish”

Valentine Printable

Valentine Printable
Solve the maze to: Catch A Kiss From A Belleville Bass

Pick a FISH any FISH. They are swimmimg all around Belleville and Van Buren Twp.

Kiss A Fish
Kiss A Fish
Belleville Bass Project
Belleville Bass Project
Kiss A Fish

Our Belleville Bass need KISSES

If you see a Bass give it a BIG KISS and send us a pic. We will post it here and exhibit them as one BIG BASS art collage in April 2023.

Email bellartson@gmail.com

The Community Art Collage has been extended til April 2023. Your images can become a huge community art project. Lets see how many we can CATCH A KISS from.


Just for FUN. PRINT a Fish and color it in your own style.


Kiss A Fish Coloring Page
Kiss A Fish Coloring Page
Kiss A Fish Coloring Page
Kiss A Fish
John Marvin of Sumpter Township Kissed A Fish at Belleville's Lake Fest after playing hard in the bounce house.
Kiss A Fish
Elaine Kissed A Fish
Kiss A Fish Belleville
Rhonda Kissed A Fish
Belleville Bass Project
Jean Kissed A Fish
Kiss A Fish
Marv catches a glimpse of Aunt Debbie catching a KISS
Kiss A Fish Marv
Kiss A Fish
Looks like Little Marv is catching a bunch of kisses around town!
Puppy Kissing A Fish
Puppy Kisses Count Too
Mikayla Kissed A Fish
Mikayla Kissed A Fish at the Brother Crowe Concert
Chloe Kissed A Fish at The Brother Crowe Concert at Music Lakeside Belleville, Michigan 2022
Chloe Kissed A Fish at The Brother Crowe Concert
Kiss A Fish
Donna Johnston Kissed A Fish
Kiss A Fish
More LOVE for our Belleville Bass from Nancy Shankin
Pic of Samantha Germaine receiving a kiss from a Fish in Belleville, Mi
Our Belleville Bass planted a BIG SMOOCH right on Samantha's 29 week BABY BUMP!
Pic of Samantha Germaine Kissing a Fish in Belleville, Mi
Samantha Germaine returned the love with a BIG SMOOCH to A FISH at Horizon Park!
Kiss A Fish ODin kissed a fish
Odin says "the fishy kissed him".
Kiwanis Club out Kissing Fish in Belleville, Mi
kiwanis Club Belleville, Mi Kiss A Fish
Kiwanis Club was out LOVING on our Belleville Bass. Has your group "Kissed A Fish"
Kissed A Fish pic Belleville, Mi
Vena's pup does Not share her love for this fish.
Kiss A Fish pic 2022 Belleville, Mi
Vena kissed A Fish but I'm afraid her pup thinks he's fish bait. LOL
pic of Janelle kissing the fish at Victory Park
Janelle LOVES the fish at Victory Park
Jenelle was getting in lots of Kisses.
This dog went in for a Long Deep Passionate Kiss
Greyhound KISSES are the best.
Aunt Gunny going in for a Kiss
Penelope WrightKAF
Penelope going in for a smooch.
Ronin Wright
Ronin is checking out this Belleville Bass
Sebastian Wright
Sebastian Caught a Kiss
Theresa Rose poses with her Daddy at Victory Park
Cheryl Martin representing our VETRANS.
Cheryl kissing a fish at Horizon Park.
Cheryl loves the fish by the library.
KAF Cheryl poses with a Bass
Cheryl has a Bass Admirer
KAF Belleville, Mi
Raphael showing his love
Grace was showing her love
Luke went in for a kiss
But caught a ride instead.
Oh we can't just Kiss ONE BASS
Like I said, "This Bass is popular".
Kissing more than one Fish is definitely a trend.
KAF Belleville, Mi
Millie was feeling the love in Horizon Park
John has an admiration for this Belleville Bass
KAF Belleville, Mi
Kim and Robert sneaking a late night smooch.