• Eligible applicants for the BACA Senior Art Scholarship Award of $1,000 must be High School Seniors (or home school equivalent) residing in Sumpter Township, Van Buren Township or the City of Belleville.  Each applicant must submit a completed application form and present a portfolio of art work consisting of at least five properly presented original items created solely by the student within the last calendar year preceding the submission of the portfolio.
  1. Application forms and portfolios shall be submitted through the Student’s teacher liaison and forwarded to BACA.
  1. Any artwork presented in the student’s portfolio remains the property of the student and shall be returned to them after the scholarship selection process.
  • Scholarship winners shall be selected by judges designated by the Belleville Area Council for the Arts.  BACA’s determination of the Scholarship recipient is final.
  • The Scholarship award is intended to assist the winner in advancing their education and shall be paid in a co-payable check to the winning artist and an institution of higher education or qualified instructor.
  • Recipients are not required, but are encouraged, to pursue a course of study in the area of art.
  • The Scholarship award will be paid upon verification of enrollment at a postsecondary institution and/or course of study.  No Scholarship shall be paid prior to the recipient’s high school current graduation date
  • The Scholarship may be used for any educational expenses and will be included as a resource for Federal financial aid purposes
  • Recipients may defer the Scholarship proceeds for up to three years after the date of high school graduation.  If the winner does not seek advanced education in a recognized institution or under the direction of a qualified instructor within three years, the Scholarship money shall revert back to the Belleville Area Council for the Arts.
  • Recipients shall receive a certificate of merit indicating the BACA Senior Art Scholarship accompanied by a dated letter of award indicating the terms of the Scholarship and/or a copy of these guidelines
  • The BACA Senior Art Scholarship shall be awarded on a yearly basis from the entire pool of qualified applicants.
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