Neil Griffin Communty Art Project

Neil Griffin Community Art Project

Neil Griffin
Poem written in Neil's memory.

Neil and Thelma Griffin had a vision for community art. They wanted the community to be involved with invigorating colorful art that everyone; young, old and in between could participate in. Their vision came to life a few years ago with the Community Art Project. We have since renamed The Neil Griffin Community Art Project. Neil was an inspiration to all. He was a Vetran of not one war but two. He settled here in Belleville with his wife and kids. He PARTICIPATED. He lived 97 years and brought such energy and enthusiasm to all his projects. He was a blessing to our local hometown Arts Council (Belleville Area Council for the Arts). We miss him and absolutely adore and admire his wife Thelma. Both are beyond talented artists. Exemplary human beings. If their are planes in heaven Neil is the pilot. He served our country and our community with dignity and pride. I’m proud to have called him FRIEND.

When visiting horizon Park during summer months in Belleville, Michigan be sure to enjoy the school of fish Neil and Thelma envisioned and the community painted into being.

Community Fish Display