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art  \ärt\ - n.  A human creative skill or its application

(from The Oxford American Dictionary)

  The Belleville Area Council for the Arts (BACA) is an all volunteer, non-profit community based organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the citizens of the City of Belleville and the Townships of Sumpter and Van Buren. BACA is dedicated to promoting, supporting and developing Arts based programs that will create new learning and entertainment experiences.

  It is the opinion of the BACA volunteers that community based arts programs (like the ones we offer)  make the Belleville area a better place to live. We wish that everyone could share in the joy that creative and talented individuals and groups can bring if given an opportunity to express themselves through the visual or musical arts.

  BACA invites all community residents and visitors to check out our upcoming events and stop by to experience something new and exciting. Please join us at these events and consider becoming a BACA member and/or volunteering.

Belleville Area Council for the Arts

P.O. Box 1654

Belleville, MI 48112

(734) 357-8000

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